Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy has long been recognized by physicians, therapists, and athletes as one of the safest, most effective forms of rehabilitation available. Water’s natural buoyancy property provides a safe environment for protection against falls, relieves stress on joints by reducing the effects of gravity, and makes movements easier. The buoyancy, support, and accommodating resistance of water enhances exercise and creates a safe environment for progressive rehabilitation. The heated pool has a hydraulic lift chair that moves you in and out of the pool safely.

Why is Primacare Physical Therapy and Wellness The Best in Musculoskeletal Care?

Aquatic therapy offers an alternative form of rehabilitation that can be used alone or in

conjunction with more traditional outpatient therapies.

The pool is an excellent rehabilitation medium for patients with musculoskeletal problems. It provides an opportunity for people to exercise and gain strength in a comfortable environment where they can re-initiate limb and body movement. The buoyancy of the water facilitates mobility and assists with exercise. Aquatic therapy is also unique in that it decreases impact and provides compression while still promoting movement. Coordination and aerobic activities can also be performed in the pool.

Who Can Participate?
Individuals with a variety of disabilities and orthopaedic conditions can participate in aquatic therapy. Patients suffering from arthritis, back problems, knee injuries, ankle injuries, and those who have had orthopaedic surgeries are just a few of the many who can benefit from aquatic therapy.

Though aquatic therapy is not recommended for certain medical conditions, the vast majority of people can participate. Swimming experience is not necessary.

Where To Go?

Although aquatic therapy can be performed in any aquatic environment, Primacare Physical Therapy and Wellness works with the local aquatic center to provide a safe and effective environment.

Careful screening and program development by a physical therapist will assure safe and maximally effective participation.

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