Industrial Medicine Services


To reduce cost for employers and employees and to increase outcomes in a collaborative setting.

Primacare Physical Therapy and Wellness therapists work with physicians, employers, case managers, and insurances to coordinate the best care and management of injured workers to ensure successful and prompt return to work and case closure.

Primacare helps industries of every size regain their valuable human resources in a timely, cost-effective manner. Under the therapist’s guidance, employees learn skills in workplace self-management, injury prevention techniques, and injury care management.


Physical Therapy

For the injured employee. Goal to return injured employee back to work at the earliest at full function. Patients are educated in injury prevention techniques and self management.

Work Conditioning

This is a comprehensive treatment program designed to restore an individual’s strength and functional capacity for safe return to work. This program is performed for 2-4 hours a day for up to 5 days a week. Work demands are simulated and to combat the deconditioning associated with prolonged light duty or being off from work.

Functional Capacity Evaluation(FCE) by Certified Providers.

FCE is an objective, comprehensive assessment of an individual’s current functional ability level. FCEs are appropriate for post-injury management and return-to-work decisions, as well as baseline tests for new employees. FCEs can be used to see if a person can meet the physical requirements of a specific job or for disability ratings.

Post Offer Employment Physicals

This is a screening test for essential function of the job to meet certain legal requirements after employment offer.

Ergonomic Assessments

Ergonomics is the study and management of the physical interaction of workers with their tools, machines and environment. The primary objectives are to improve worker performance and safety by fitting the workplace to the worker and to minimize the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. This is performed at the employer’s workplace.

Life Fit Programs

for groups and individuals. Group discounts through the employer is offered to all the employees for individualized training, wellness, Life Fit assessment and group classes. This can be offered as a partnership with employers, employees and wellness center.

Injury Prevention Education

Primacare offers classes that cover smart ergonomics, importance of flexibility, proper posture, and body mechanics. Our therapists evaluate the risk factors involved in work and customize the information specifically for your workers’ needs.

Primacare’s specialized Physical Therapists provide customized, educational and interactive classes on:

  • Back Care & Injury Prevention (Back School)
  • Upper extremity and repetitive motion injury prevention
  • Injury Prevention & Work Safety
  • Proper Lifting and Body Mechanics
  • Postural stretching and exercise program

Health Fair :

At Primacare we participate and help organize Health Fairs to fit the employer’s needs for the wellness and productivity of the employees. This would include wellness, health screenings along with education on injury prevention, wellness and healthy habits.