When I started my treatment at Primacare I was suffering from Back (lower), Shoulder and neck pain. After my first couple of treatments I started noticing improvements. Each week I could feel myself getting stronger. Now that my treatments are ending I have to say I feel better now than before my accident. Ram and Natasha have been great and I would highly recommend Primacare to anyone in need at physical therapy treatments.

Tommy Phifer

Since my first visit I have noticed a drastic increase in my flexibility. Tightness in my lower back has been significantly reduced, and the pain eliminated. Because of my new found flexibility I find it easier to do things in ways that reduced my chance of further back injuries. Thank You!

Rhayme Roumel

I sustained an injury to my right shoulder from a mountain bike accident in August, 2009. I had surgery and came to your facility approximately five weeks after. I was experiencing a lot of pain initially and had very limited use of my arm. You immediately began applying your knowledge and expertise to my situation and within a very short amount of time, I began seeing positive results and the pain slowly subsided.

As an athlete, it was a challenge not being able to swim, bike, and lift weights. However, your result driven therapy sessions have allowed me to achieve my short term goals and begin participating in those activities sooner than I had anticipated.

Thank you for your dedication and service.

Tobin Lee Brown

Since I started coming to Primacare, I have added significant flexibility and strength to not only my back but my whole core. I have much more endurance and less pain.

Dorothy Cummings

I have been coming here for the last nine weeks. When I came I could not even lift my arm. It was so painful. But now I can lift my arm up without much pain before I could not reach my seatbelt of my car but now there is a lot of improvement. I can say more than 90% improvement. Ram is a good Physical Therapist. He pays a lot of attention. Thanks

Bimal Prasad

Before attending therapy here, I had limited range of motion of my left index finger. It was quite painful and there was a large lump under my skin. I could not lift anything and had trouble buckling my son’s seatbelt, among other issues.

After attending therapy, the lump has decreased significantly and the pain has let up enough to allow me to lift and pull. Primacare has been a blessing. I still have soreness and some pain, but the improvement is significant. I am completely satisfied and thankful Primacare was chosen for my treatment.

Valerie Williams

I came here in Primacare with my back and head hurting all the time knowing that I have a migraine history. After my first visit, I noticed a change, I don’t have to deal with my headache and back pain all of the time. I also noticed I can do outdoor activities after the second visit. Now I am really hopeful that I can stay active again in my daily routine. Thanks Primacare for the assistance that you have given me.

Mayette Kinnuen

Primacare was great and better than I ever expected. I had a total knee replacement on my right knee, and because of Rams excellent care and guidance. I am so much better and stronger. Water therapy was just wonderful and it really helped with the bending. Thank you for everything and I will highly recommend Primacare to everyone!

Barbara Hajdukiewicz

My experience with Primacare has always been nothing short of positive. I have had problems for many years with my neck that many others failed to give me relief. Ram has been the only physical therapist that was able to have a huge difference.
I would consider his technique and expertise in the manipulation of the neck far superior to any of my past neck therapy experiences.

Agda Frohock

Ram quickly corrected my over-exercising and started me on a path of healing. After 2 sessions of exercise and therapy, the pain in my right sciatic nerve was gone, and after a couple of more weeks, the right side of my back was stronger and felt much more like normal. He continued to give me exercises to strengthen my back, and they have helped immensely. I feel great. If I continue to follow his rules for correct back posture when working outdoors or doing heavy lifting, I won’t injure my back again. I’ll continue to do the exercises, of course, to continue to strengthen my back. Thanks!!!!

Linda J. Allison

I have a TMJ disorder. Years of poor posture, teeth clinching and a misalignment of my jaw has cause my muscles around my ear to be very tight. So tight I thought I had an ear infection. Turns out the tight muscles were substantially relieved with PT and dry needling. Within 4 visits of PT I was 75% better. I am out of PT now and do my exercises twice a day but I sleep much better, my posture is better and I feel much better. I had no idea TMJ could cause my muscles to become so tight and the solution for relief was much more simple than I could have imagined.

Karen Goodyear 03/31/2015